Department of Tourism

There is a team of specialists who carry out fundamental and applied scientific research, demanded by society.

The scientific activity of the department is planned, organized and carried out in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On Scientific, Scientific and Technical Activities" and is an integral part of the educational process and its scientific background. Planning and organization of scientific work is carried out taking into account the personal scientific interests of the faculty, the needs of the university and the requirements for the development of tourism business in the region.

The department constantly carries out diverse topics and forms of scientific work. The results of scientific research of the department are introduced into the practice of tour operators and travel agencies through regular conferences, round tables, seminars, information exchange, practical assistance to specialists, as well as by introducing new disciplines into the educational process, updating the teaching and methodological provision of the disciplines being taught.

Teachers regularly publish scientific articles, methodological manuals, manuals, monographs, take part in international, all-Ukrainian and regional scientific conferences.

The Department systematically holds a scientific and practical conference "Problems and Prospects for the Development of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in the Mykolaiv Region", which is essential for deepening the interaction of science, business and the state, stimulating the cooperation of the state and small business in the south of Ukraine.

In order to improve the quality of education and bring it in line with world and European standards, the needs of society and the regional economy, much attention is paid to student research work.