Department of Journalism

The Department of Journalism cares about the successful professional life of each student. She has a long history of training brilliant media professionals.

In 2006 the Kyiv Slavic University carried out the first set of students in the field of Journalism. The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, a number of embassies and consulates of the Slavic countries in our country stood at the origins of the department.

The feature of the education of future journalists in the KSU is that the curriculum provides for the study of one of the Slavic languages ​​(Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, etc.). This can increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market. In addition, the Kiev Slavic University has established mutually beneficial educational and cultural ties with a number of universities in the Slavic countries. Their implementation involves meeting with well-known journalists, presentation of media production, scientific exchange, etc. Students specializing in Journalism in the summer have the opportunity to visit Greece, the United States, Switzerland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and other countries.

The Student Press Service is actively working, the All-Ukrainian Educational Newspaper "Бесдія", founded since 2007, constantly publishes the first attempts of students, their photo reports, essays, essays, etc. Annually a contest of student photography is held.

In November 2009, the department established a scientific laboratory whose main purpose is broad involvement of students in scientific work, the formation of future journalism experts on the historical laws and trends in the development of mass media in the Slavic countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovak Republic of Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia), comparison of Ukrainian and European media spaces.