Department of History and Archeology

The main activity of the department is the training of specialists in archeology and primitive history that would meet the high standards of modern European science. As a result of close cooperation between KSU and the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, its powerful scientific potential has enabled the involvement of an unprecedented number of highly skilled specialists. The direct combination of academic science with modern higher education guarantees a high level of knowledge of future specialists in archeology and ancient history of Europe. The oldest past of Ukraine is considered on a wide background of the primitive history of the entire Eurasia.

The educational process involves participation in archaeological expeditions, including international ones. Future specialists will have a wide range of specializations that will allow them to work in various institutions: from research institutes and universities to diplomatic missions in Ukraine and beyond its borders. The Master's degree allows you to continue your education in postgraduate studies in the archeology specialty to obtain a Ph.D. degree, as well as to master doctoral programs at universities in Europe and America. The vast majority of the graduates of the department continue their studies at the KSU graduate school and the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences, or are the scientific staff of the latter. Every tenth archeologist of modern Ukraine is a graduate of the KSU archeology department.